: Rocco Capozzi, Florinda Nardi, Domenico Pietropaolo, Donato Santeramo
Title: Twentieth-Century Italian Playwrights
Page: 641
Editor: UniversItalia

: These volumes are meant to serve as an introduction to the lives, works and poetics of Italy's major playwrights of the Twentieth Century. The choices were made mainly on the historical relevance of the playwrights who were also chosen for their international status. The entries are in chronological order based on the birth date of the playwright instead of the usual alphabetical order because the main intent of this endeavor is to revisit the history of Twentieth-Century Italian theater by interconnecting the lives and works of the playwrights chosen. The entries have been written by scholars and theater practitioners to give a well-rounded idea of the Italian playwrights.

Rocco Capozzi is Professor Emeritus of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto where he taught Contemporary Italian Novel, Modern Literary theory, Film Studies and Semiotics, and Comparative Literature. He is the author of numerous and has written several monographs including Carlo Bernari: Tra fantasia e realtà; Scrittori e industria culturale and Commento, Interpretazione e intertestualità ne Il Nome della Rosa di Eco. He has also edited several volumes: Homage to Moravia; Reading Eco: an Anthology; Italo Calvino: Lightness and Multiplicity and Tra Eco e Calvino. Relazioni rizomatiche.

Florinda Nardi is Assiociate Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” where she is Deputy Director of Scuola IaD (Distance Education School) and Educational Coordinator of CLICI – Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana (Center for Italian Language and Culture). Her research focuses mainly on the theories and the phenomenology of the comic in the treatises, literature and theater of the sixteenth-seventeenth and twentieth centuries. She has authored several monographs including Percorsi e strategie del comico. Comicità e umorismo sulla scena pirandelliana; L’umorismo nel teatro italiano del primo Novecento. Peppino De Filippo e Achille Campanile; Comico e modernità nel Discorso del riso di Basilio Paravicino.

Domenico Pietropaolo is principal of St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto where he earned his Ph.D.. He is a specialist in drama and Italian literature. His main research interests are in Dante Studies, dramaturgy, and Italian literary history, and include the relationship between science and the arts. His publications include numerous articles on Italian from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment and on various periods of theater history. His most recent book (with M.A. Parker) is The Baroque Libretto.

Donato Santeramo earned his Ph.D. in Italian Studies from the University of Toronto. He is presently Head of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures at Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario. His research has been primarily in the areas of twentieth-century Italian theater and literature, literary studies and semiotics. His most reecent monograph is Luigi Pirandello: La parola, la scena e il mito. He has also translated and directed several plays written by Italian playwrights. Santeramo is a member of several editorial boards of Italian journals dedicated to the fields of literature, theater and film. .