The conference will focus on the best practices of the Open Data and Open Access policy for the conservation, preservation and enhancement of the “immaterial” cultural heritage, testing its criticality, validity and impact. 

The first session will be dedicated to the general introduction of the Open Data / Open Access topic, concerning European policies, with a focus on the YERUN network strategy. In this session the OS working group of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” will present its roadmap and some actions realized for open science practical implementation.

The other sessions will focus on: 
• the use and application of Open Data for the virtual reconstruction of historical theatrical performances;
• case studies; 
• reports on experiences carried out in museums and research centers;
• the modeling Linked Open Data from heterogeneous metadata gathered by libraries, archives and museums from the performing arts domain and on the development of Linked Open Data applications

At the end there will be a workshop, during which all the scholars who attend the conference are expected to discuss and validate their approach in modeling data. They are also given the opportunity to interact with other scholars and experts and to propose the application of their methods to facilitate the collection and sharing of data in the field of entertainment and performance industry.


Poster and speakers

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